Riffs and Variations on Entwined Shapes


So I’ve spent the last four months making different iterations of the same couple of shapes. I don’t know what keeps me coming back to them, they fit together but live lives separate from each other. Each has captivated me in their own unique way, they come together, they drift apart, they find each other again after a few months apart, their veneer has changed, they still fit together. Some never find their way back, they’ve found something better to be a part of. I can’t stifle their independence, they go where they please.

Original Drawing

Original Drawing

Everything stemmed from that top shape. The hardest part in these puzzles is always the first one, it sets the principles and tone for the entire rest of the image.

PS: Envelopes make a great surface for gouache painting.

Second Rendition

Final design from which all