John and I 

4' x 4', Oil on Canvas

Almost every image is constructed out of some smaller component. Ancient mosaics used bits of stone and glass. Tapestries and rugs are composed out of thousands of loops of colored threads. Pointillists used dabs of paint which coalesce into a complete image at a distance. These words and images you're reading on this website are constructed out of pixels so small, they are almost imperceptible. These examples all share a similar approach to their abstraction: to make their components uniform and small. For dynamic displays like computer screens it's necessary, but I never understood why static art pieces would limit themselves to such static abstract design decisions as well.

In these pieces, along with most of my abstraction, I was seeing if I could make the abstract components adopt unique forms, forms that often align with representation but remain abstract and unique.

System One

17" x 20", Oil on Canvas