Clothes Keep Growing

Oil on Board, Currently on view at The Slow Rhode (425 W Fountain St, Providence, RI)

I frequently buy the scrap pieces of MDF and Masonite from supply stores. They're all the awkward unwanted rectangles of the world, too skinny to be useful. I like how tall they are and that I can do a full body portrait on most of them.

Over the past year I've been developing my abstractions alongside my representational work, and I've been comparing them all along. I want to be able to get as lost in my abstractions as I can in my representational work, to have the same amount of complexity, logic, and surprises that I see in representational paintings. Abstraction is full of minimalists and for good reason: there's so much in the world to resemble.  

This painting was the first time I included them both in one work